List of Annoying Lists Online


eLists... Because we just don't care anymore.

The beauty of conversation and language has been shelved. Sitting beside it: 'genuine interaction with other human beings'.

Lists are a highly effective way of communicating and organizing information: grocery lists, to do lists, bucket lists, etc... But this is getting out of hand. Most of us can barely read through an entire paragraph without getting bored. The majority of you won't even make it through to the end of my article.

As a result of our dwindling attention spans and apathetic tendencies, the floodgates have lifted and unleashed a tsunami of easy-to-read, zero-depth, time fillers for the generation that doesn’t realize this is an indirect insult to their intelligence. And don’t even get me started on the pictures. If a hipster’s Instagram account impregnated itself (filter broke), it would give birth to a litter of symbolic imagery that is hand-picked by the Starbucks breathing writers to compliment these critically acclaimed editorials. 

Here is the list of annoying lists that you have likely come across on the internet lately. There are probably a lot more, but don't be impressed that you can recall them.

1) List of valuable life lessons that you learn from:

  • Heartbreak
  • A TV show/movie/celebrity
  • Your 20’s
  • Insert generic pop culture term here

2) List of things only these people will understand:

  • Oldest siblings
  • Girls with big butts
  • New Yorkers
  • Anyone and Everyone

# of Reasons:

  • You’re (not) over your ex
  • You should leave, stay with, cheat, or not cheat, on your partner
  • Morning people are more successful
  • You should read, travel, and/or work out more


 Clap... clap... *applause*

You made it. Or you scrolled down to make yourself feel like you did. 

You're still here??

- Nizer,