Maja is a female multi-talented artist from Toronto who has been experimenting with her sound from 2012, and was actually one of the first artists we interviewed when we first launched this blog. She has officially released her first music video ever called “Amy Traphouse” featuring Smooth, and we are very proud to see her sticking to her craft and growing year after year into the talented beauty she is today. The song is meant to explore the darker side of Amy Winehouse's track “You Know I’m No Good’ which was released in 2006. The video was shot by Toronto's JRTMAC and edited by NEWHIGHFIMLZ. Drug’s, sex, and toxic relationships are the main theme’s of this remix. With Smooth’s bars and Maja’s rendition of Amy, the two have warped this song into something they hope Amy would have vibed out to.

"Amy is someone that I have taken a huge influence from. I have a lot more in common with her than meets the eye. A history of toxic relationships, the love for a wide genre of music, the classic artist depression… I relate to many of Amy's struggles including ED's. The pressure of a woman’s image in the industry can really overwhelm some people. With this song myself and Smooth hope to honour Amy as the Legend she is, to remember her struggles, her talents, and everything Amy. I don’t idolize a lot of people, but Amy, she different yet so similar to me, when I was recording I felt her presence in the room, might sound crazy...but it's just part of the life I live.”- MAJA

Watch the full music video below: