Interview: Toronto's Maylee Todd


[Joining her band in 2007 and working both solo and with the team ever since, Maylee Todd is one of the most unique individuals I have ever met. A girl of many looks and a fashion sense beyond some. An Indy icon in the city of Toronto. I had the chance to sit with her last week before the Steam Whistle Unsigned event held at the brewery in our beloved city. Here is how it went down.]  

How would you compare working with your label “Do right!” and working independently?

I think there are pros and cons to both. Definitely more pros to working with a label. Accountability and having a team, I mean there is a lot of contacts I don’t have and things I can’t do myself and having someone who is on it and accountable is great.

You have released two albums so far, which speaks to you the most?

I’d say Escapology is the closest album right now to the things that have been happening in my life like right now so...ya because it’s like a diary.  A real sexy diary.

Lol did you end up going to Manifesto this year in Toronto?

I didn’t get a chance to go because I was playing a house show so I missed out but it is so cool!

I heard it was amazing.  Speaking of amazing! Ark Analog, a project that you have taken on is a totally different genre of music: Electro-pop. Tell me a little about that.

Ya it’s a project with Dan Werb and myself! Dan and I went back and forth via email with the ideas. It is really easy to work with Dan it’s such a loose project.

Also, you recently opened up for Lupe fiasco. Was that the highlight of your summer?

I don’t know about that! Probably Japan was actually. Japan was definitely the highlight. Billboard Live asked us to go and we got rock-starred out over there! A lady cried and gave me a hug and I wanted to cry with her. And when we were leaving the airport they were playing my song over the speakers. Montreal Jazz Fest was amazing too.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I been following this little goat for a long time her name is Björk. I've been following her since grade seven. I’d say in terms of style and being bold and making music that is so not conventional and being brave, she is amazing.

If you were to meet her what would you say to her?

I am so grateful to meet you and I am so happy I met you before you died.


That’s kind of my thing like I am so happy I saw this person before they died ahahah.

Random question: You're nine years old and there is a kissing scene on TV, do you watch or look away?

I’d watch it for sure, and I would probably stick a Barbie doll right up my vagina. The old Barbie leg trick. Perfect shape. Really smooth.

OMG! What can we expect from you guys in the next little while?

A music video! We shot some stuff in Japan and we are hoping to have it out for the end of the year for "Hieroglyphics" .


Figure It Out,