Nicki Minaj - Anaconda.....Is this real life?


I have so many questions.

How is this even a song? Why is Drake there? What the f*ck?2db

I watched the music video… And now... I write. My keyboard is taking punches like my fingers were tiny Floyd Mayweathers who can actually read. The sexually explicit content and innuendo, female objectification, blah blah blah..

But I’m not talking about women’s issues right now. Because what many don’t realize, is that this your problem too fellas.

Husbands, boyfriends, and even one-night stands… you might be wondering… WHAT HAPPENED TO MODESTY?

Modesty is not a stripper’s name or a glamourized Instagram hoe that has gone through more filters than a bottle of Fiji water.

No… I’m talking about modesty - valuing yourself, leaving things to the imagination, and so on. Not posting 987899 seductive photos/videos and raking in the likes/comments like chips on a poker table. It’s pathetic. And you’re pathetic for feeding it.

It really comes down to the basic laws of supply and demand… What makes someone or something special versus ‘on special’?


So what came first? The chicken or the egg? The thirst or the thot? The blame goes both ways. Nicki Minaj, along with a flock of other pigeons alike, are feeding into this cycle. But we all have a responsibility as members of this seemingly doomed society to not encourage or do this shit.

The person you want to spend the rest of your life with - or tonight with, might have her twerkin’ ass all over the World Wide Web. So what does that say about you? HAAAAANNNN *French Montana*


Maybe this doesn’t bother you. Maybe you like this. Maybe you don’t think you deserve better. Maybe you are Drake and you’re trying to save her. But let me tell you - even Drake didn’t want to rescue Nicki in that video. Man was paralyzed in his chair like he was back in Degrassi.

Now let me ask you… What if you had a daughter and she wanted to be just like Nicki? So cute right?!

Bouncing her ass up and down on the kitchen floor when she should be eating her damn Cheerios and singing Dora songs before going to school to get a fucking education because she is privileged enough to live in the First World where she doesn’t have to pass through 16 checkpoints to make it to class.

What then Dad?

Concerns that my father never had - every father will have from this day forward…

When you think that your little princess is studying, there’s a strong chance that she’s actually poking it out in the mirror, snapping a pic, and posting it.

Guess what happens next. Guys like it. Some might even leave thirsty ass comments.

Technology has made sharing photos easy and raising children hard.

These reactions provide ‘positive’ reinforcement to inappropriate behaviour and give her a false sense of assurance and confidence. She likes the attention so she will go for seconds if she isn’t already there. (0 to 100 – real quick) The competition is fierce so she needs to be prepared to step it up (take it off) to keep her audience interested. Daddy’s little girl doe.

Be mindful of the culture you sustain.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – especially if it’s a low-hanging fruit.

- @Nizeresistance