Night Time | An Interactive Music Concert with Domanique Grant - REVIEW


IMG_1392 “4am knows all my secrets" - Poppy Z. Brite Last week, Domanique Grant put on a hell of a performance during her interactive music and art concert 'Night Time'. As patrons of long nights and bright lights started filling The Supermarket Bar and Restaurant, artists Javid JAH and Adrian Hayles began painting pieces with influences drawn from Domanique herself & the feel of night time in big cities. As the night began to unfold, the drinks got stronger, and the crowd... more eclectic.


Domanique was accompanied by her 11-piece band, which resulted in a very visually stimulating performance. The crowd had their phones up during most of the night, snap chatting, instagraming, and recording, in an attempt to capture the glamorous experience and hopefully revisit it over and over again. The harp, violin, and djembe brought a magical feel to the room, and made you forget for a minute that you were actually in Kensington Market. Domanique's energy guided the night ever so elegantly, not too turnt up, but not too mellow- just right. I guess that's what indie soul does to ya.


I decided to do this show because I think that night time is something that we don't explore enough, especially living in a huge city like Toronto. I also think that finding creative and refreshing ways that people can connect and interact is exciting for all of us, so I'm glad that my team and I were able to do that."


While Domanique demonstrated her vocal variations through some of her original tracks, she showed a lot of confidence in performing covers as well and made them her own. Drunk in love? Yea she went there. She also performed some 90s gems like 'One Love' and 'I want to dance with somebody'. But the encore was an original piece by her and her 11 piece band called 'Night Time'. Favorite part of the night? Her storytelling. Before every song, she told a story that led for a perfect segue into the song. It made each track that much more meaningful, knowing what it meant to her.


Outfit changes, live painting, great giveaways, and soothing music. A more than decent way to spend a Thursday night.

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