In case you didn’t notice the mass exodus last week, the North by North East festival (NXNE) featuring live music, film, and entertainment was in town. For approximately 5 days, Toronto had the highest percentage of starving artists per capita in the world (not a real stat). Luckily for them, there were many media outlets that were eager to feed them – especially the crew at Iscreammusic. Anyone who said there was nothing to do last week or that they were bored – needs to sit the f**k down right now. NXNE gave a whole new meaning to “so much to do, so little time”. You would have to clone yourself 10 times to catch half of the week’s events. 947236_10151245811822537_566775958_n

Have you seeeeeeen the moda-f**kn schedule?!

NXNE featured acts across the music spectrum, a little something for everyone. All genres: funk, pop, hip-hop, alternative, metal, purple drink. Overall, an impressive showcase of talent, big ups to the organizers/staff. The festival brought amazing energy to the city and provided a nice economic boost for Toronto business. Artists from all over North America were connecting, sharing, and supporting each other. Can someone say, Collaborations?! From a hole in the wall to Dundas Square, North by North East was there. Long hair don’t care.

Throughout the week at Wrongbar, local hip-hop crew Smash Brovas (Junia-T and Crooklin) smashed mics like a WWE tag team. Also at the incorrect establishment, was Durham Region’s Antiheroes (Flex and Sha Prince) whose raps burn through glaciers, bend steel, and essentially put the Avengers to shame. Please try and keep up.


Notable mention goes to Toronto’s own, Rich Kidd – renown producer and recording artist - who showed the Tdot some love, performing his hit “Hometown” with SonReal last Saturday at Wrongbar - which was nominated for Hip-Hop Video of the Year at the MMVAs. The crowd got too hype, stage was on fiyah, but we were all like… “let that sh*t burn doe”. If you weren’t moving and jamming during Rich Kidd’s set, you were probably unconscious. Represent, represent! (Voice of Nas in Illmatic)

Brooklyn based producer and rapper Joey Bada$$ owned his performance after Rich Kidd’s on the Saturday as well (See our recap video here). The 18 year old rapper, and member of Pro Era hip hop collective has released two mixtapes so far (1999 and Rejex) in which he did NOT fall short in performing.

6 The event ended with a bang with Ludacris proving why he’s hip-hop royalty with his performance on Sunday. With what looked like thousands of people filling Dundas square, leaking onto Yonge Street and up Victoria, the city’s hip hop heads were jam packed and ready for the free Ludacris concert. If you showed up too late, you probably joined the swarm at Sears and were most likely watching the screens.8luda

All in all, the festival seemed very well organized, with artists of all genres expressing their gratitude for being invited out having a chance to perform to their fans. Monster kept everyone energized, allowing for many events to be hit in one night. We thank you Monster. And when Monday morning rolled around, the city was wiped of any evidence that the festival ever took place. Shout out to the cleaning crew of the city.

Till next year Toronto!

Nizer and Del-OUT