Interview: Toronto's Paradise Animals


[An intertwined number of relationships brought these band members together: Mark Andrade, Gary Pereira, and Kerri Silva. The jokey trio take life fairly lightly and you can hear a lot of 80's inspiration in their music. This interview was definitely a blast.]

Do's and Don’ts of being in a band.

Kerri: Always make rehearsal

Mark: Always be relaxed and have fun, don’t think about it too much.

Is that a Drake inspired lifestyle? (Drake-Too much *reference)

Mark: Everything comes back to DRAKE! I just watched him with Scarlett Johansson, playing charades on Jimmy Fallon. He’s really likable. Really humble.

So Mark gets arrested tomorrow. What is he getting arrested for?

Gary: Omg hahaha.

Mark: Ok you have to be careful with this cause I am a teacher lol.

ALRIGHT! Let's reverse the question. Gary gets arrested tomorrow.

Mark: Yes Gary is much safer ahahah.

Kerri: Public intoxication and nudity.

Gary: WHAT!

Mark: I am going to say stealing cheese hahaha "Is that gouda in your pocket?".

Hahah so far, what has been your favourite venue to perform at in Toronto?

Drake underground. We have been performing there a lot recently. Lee’s Palace as well. We got to see a lot of bands perform there so it was definitly a defining moment when we performed there as a band ourselves.

What is your opinion about twerking?

Gary: It is quite the art form. I wish I could do it ....


Gary : Hahahah

Mark: Funny thing is I teach a class, I did a Miley Cyrus analysis and her twerking situation. It was so 'of the moment' and the students were so anti-Miley that the class... kind of fell apart a bit ahahhaha.

What do you guys fight about?

Gary: I hate the way Mark folds the cords.

Mark: We dont really fight.

Kerri: It is just a lot of silliness.

As a band, you have 30 seconds to decide, you have to pick one song to play for the rest of your life. Go.

Mark: That's pretty easy.

Mark: Let's all say it as the same time guys ready? One. Two. Three.

Gary: Day Fort

Mark : Day Fort

Kerri: Dessert of the heart

Mark: What! You’re out of the band!

Kerri: It is the newest one! And the craziest one!

Hahaha. What can we look forward to in the next little while from Paradise Animals?

Mark: Another music video, and possibly two small albums.

Looking forward to it!

Figure it out,


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