Prince – Overdose or Nah?


The man wrote music, played music, made music – IS MUSIC. Approximately 100% flyer than the general population, he was a prodigy of our era and will be remembered and honoured as such by music lovers all around the world.

So real talk. What happened to Prince?



Let me walk you through this…

If someone died from getting shot. Their cause of death would be – let’s say, blood loss from the bullet wound. But that’s silly to say.

So it would sound more like: Jane Doe was shot and killed by John Smith. Stay with me. I know Instagram is calling you.

About a month ago, Prince was given a prescription for a painkiller drug more powerful than heroin. “But, what for Nizer?”

Oh just some flu-like symptoms. Because the pharmaceutical industry has a shortage of pills for Americans to pop. So you know it had to be this one. (OH MY GOD THIS IS SARCASM)

prince 2

Shortly after, Prince dies from an ‘overdose’ of that very drug which is as fragile as a nuclear bomb. So should we not question the professional responsibility of those highly qualified and highly paid individuals administering this?

…The same way one would ask who pulled the trigger? There are many ways to skin a cat. If you want someone dead, you have more options than Pickle Barrel on how to do it.

Anyways, they’re calling it ‘Fatal Fentanyl’ and it’s 50 times more potent than morphine. It’s meant to be used by cancer patients who are experiencing next level, eye-stabbing, Keeping Up With The Kardashians type of pain.

This drug is more lethal than Rambo first blood. Its list of side effects and disclaimers is longer than the CIA terrorist payroll. Overdosing or misusing this drug is easier than stepping on the cracks of a sidewalk.

So you tell me… What kind of doctor would prescribe this shit to Prince? And remind me again, why are people still being sent to jail for marijuana possession?

Prince’s death has been swept under the rug, his wealth (and net new tribute wealth) is being gouged like the Walking Dead by music industry vultures, and in a few months, you might see something scroll across your TV screen for 10 seconds about his death being more than an accident.


Just a feeling I have since the exact same thing happened to Michael Jackson (he was prescribed Demerol) and no one demands justice or is asking about the doctors that killed him.

Can you feel the love from heaven Michael? Ouuu!

The perceived sophistication behind crime is very important to note here. Bad doctor versus terror suspect… Big banks versus local thug. Public opinion is easily manipulated and timed. Oh cognitive dissonance…

So before you flood my newsfeed, posting about Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, etc., ask yourself this:

If you really love these artists the way you claim to, you would care to know the truth right?

Rest in Peace to the fallen – who were tripped by the wicked.