Interview: Toronto's PROFIT


On an evening in March, the Haitian born rapper Frances S. Profit-Milbin dropped his first single titled "Top Bound" at Guvernment nightclub in Toronto. Realizing his love for music at a very young age, Profit got into the hip hop scene at the age of 13. The positive response from those who witnessed his songwriting and performances landed him the opportunity to start recording tracks while still in college.

"Someone once told me that the road to the music industry is like going to hell and back twice.." says Francis, " I feel like to be here you really have to want it more then you have ever wanted anything in your life. There's a million people doing the exact same thing you are and out shinning takes real passion for the art...make sure you truly have love for it. Recent success example Malcamore shows that you don't necessarily even need to go the label route anymore because there are means to do it independently...It depends on the artist really. If you can get far enough on your own you will draw the deals to you."

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