Athletes who should have been rappers


An entertainer is an entertainer. They grab your attention and they keep your attention, giving you some sort of mental (and who we kidding sometimes physical) pleasure. Think for a second of the entertainment industry *moves hand across the sky* : beauty, fame, glamour, gold chains, money rains with champagne, cruising in your coupe de villes with Lil Wayne. Basically, anything but the mundane. But lest we forget, professional sports are also entertainment. Athletes are special entertainers in their own sense. Freakishly strong, freakishly tall, freakishly fast, freakishly agile (and in some cases, ridiculously average with something to prove). Imagine growing up as a kid who is ‘different’ in this feel. Having it jam-packed into your head “My son is going to be the next Jordan, aren’t you, John.” says your mother to neighborhood friends at a barbeque, as she reaches out about two foot up to pat you on your ridiculously large shoulders. It is the basics of the self-fulfilling prophecy: If you are told your whole life that you are an athlete, chances are your self-identity will be that of an athlete.

But wait, with athletes being pushed in one direction at such a young age, where is the choice? Yes, the glamorous lifestyle is a sell on its own, and yes the sport at hand becomes truly all you know. But what if you don’t want to be an athlete? What if you want to be something else…Like a rapper? Essentially comprised of the same ingredients, no? Typical success story: Single mother, broken down neighborhood (unless you’re Drake), drugs and gangbangers. You get the idea.

It’s not surprising. Athletes want to be rappers, and rappers want to be athletes. We have the obvious cases, like Kobe, Shaquille O’Neal, Muhammad Ali, and even Tiger Woods. But let’s dig deeper. Here is Del’s Top Three Rapletes too look out for.

Let's begin.

Ron Artest


First of all, the man’s got a recording persona already: Metta World Peace. Correction, he’s LEGALLY changed his name to Metta World Peace. Now envision that slapped on a dark album cover with Ron, tatted, leaning forward as he sits on a stool, hands together squinting straight at you as if to say ‘If I showed you my abs right now, you’d leave your husband. Right now.” (real life quote). The New York Knicks defender is spotted quickly for his personality; a natural entertainer. On-court incidents and confrontational behavior make him one player you don’t want to piss off, especially if you’re a fan. Not only is he emotional, he allows his emotions to get the best of him. So instead of fuming that anger physically on the court, why not transcend it through lyrical flow? It’s clear that music is where Metta World Peace actually finds peace. After his quarrel with a fan in 2004, Metta went right to music and was solely focused on releasing his rap album, to a point where that was all he spoke about during his post-fight interviews. Ok. If time travel was possible, I’d personally go back to 1987 and advise this eight year old’s Anger Management Therapist (who he was seeing at the time) to push for writing and music as a form of expression rather than a physical sport such as basketball, as he or she did. He and DMX would have been besties.

Chad Ochocinco


A beast on the field. The six-time NFL Pro Bowler has set seven franchise records in his ten seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals and played for both the New England Patriots as well as the Miami Dolphins. Having recently been released from jail for domestic-violence charges, he is an unsigned free agent, and that applies to his marital status as well. Is this the perfect time for Chad to take his music career to the next level? Yes. He performed his first single Dat ain’t my baby (typical response heard on the Maury Show) at the 400 Supper Club in South Beach, Miami. Recently, Chad was mentioned in French Montana‘s track Ocho Cinco “Told that bitch give me head (Ocho Cinco) x3”. This obviously refers to Chad head-butting his ex-wife, but you catch my drift. Although he’s diverting his attention more to acting than the rap game nowadays, we are still hopeful of his comeback.

Kevin Durant


One of the best players in the NBA, averaging 26 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists a game. KD, also known as Sniper Jonesssss (said in a Mike Jones’s voice), dropped his first single Formula last year and made it to No. 6 on Hot New Hip Hop’s Top 100 tracks. Since then he has released Wired, Gotta have it, and Worried about the future (No need to be Durant, you got no kids that you know of, you’re 24, you’re at the top of the NBA, and your best friend’s name is B-Easy. You’re good.) I am not going to state that Durant is better in the studio than on court. Absolutely not. But with his boss like demeanor and his large following, he may be on to something here.

Of course there are the less obvious ones. Like The Truth a.k.a Paul Pierce, who has been stabbed in the face 11 times. No… you read that right - 11 times. Equivalent to 50 cent’s ‘shot in the face 9 times’ look. Coincidence?  Maybe. Sign? Definitely. Not sure if Paul even raps, but if he ever starts he has a lot of writing material to go off of I can tell you that much. And don’t forget Russell Westbrook, also known as Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the athlete with the craziest most outspoken fashion sense out there. Maybe he can pair up with Wiz Khalifa on a clothing line and take over the New York Fashion Week once again, and with a performance! Anyways let’s ‘rap’ this up (pun intended), Del’s Top Three Rapletes, the top of the top, who got plenty of gwap, but they bored so they Rop (said in a Nicki Minaj voice).

Figure It Out,