Event Review: Red Bull Thre3style DJ Competition


red-bull-thre3style-world-finalsThe Red Bull gangster mobile was cruising the streets of our lovely city all throughout the week of the Thre3style competition. Posted up like Shaquille O’Neil outside venues like MOD Club, Danforth Music Hall, and Kool Haus… It was the signature icon of a global DJ showcase showdown. Iscreammusic hit the scene so hard, we almost got charged for a domestic disturbance. Jazzy Jeff, Skratch Bastid, A-Trak, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Mister T. Just kidding – there was no Mister T. But still.

DJ’s from all over the globe came to Toronto to compete for the title of Red Bull Thre3style 2013 World DJ Champion. Now when I say DJ’s, I don’t mean your average chump at a nightclub that plays the same mix 3 nights of the week. I’m talking about guys who can do this:


DJ Marquinos Espinosa laid down his versatility in style and technique like nobody’s business. The man started his set with Mozart – yes Mozart, and then scratched and flipped his way through house, 90’s classics, and every threw in some of his Brazilian flavour. The crowd was impressed to say the least. Seizuring to say the most.

One man in particular stood out:


Japan’s DJ Shintaro was instant fire. It is no surprise that he was crowned THE CHAMP. Started off killing us softly with some Fugees, and then it was just straight killing it. There were no survivors. A well thought out combination of hip hop classics, some Asian persuasion, and to end the set, Super Mario. Simply incredible. His song choices were ever so clever and every transition left the crowd like:


These days, it’s not about putting on a hot track and letting it play. Oh no sir. We, the audience, have expectations and they are high as the guy doing his 7th year of an undergrad degree. We want to be entertained and we sure as hell were.

Some DJs like a little foreplay and some get right down to it. Whatever the strategy, the judges had a tough decision to make because the finalists were super fly! Red Bull gives you wings (and DJ tingz).

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