Interview:Toronto's Rituals


[I sat down with Adam Seward of Rituals at a nearby Starbucks on Queen street last week to talk about their recent performance at the Steam Whistle UNSIGNED event. The band touches on many genres (like artists of this generation do) and has a cinematic post-punk feel with songs reminiscent of the 80s post-punk and 90s shoegaze psychedelia. Being the creative director behind the band, Adam brought on Matt Bourassa (Sailboats are White) and Polaris prize winning producer Leon Taheny, (Dusted, Germans) a couple years ago and they have been making this hazy, obscure, fog emitting music together ever since.]0001371842_10

About the Steam Whistle UNSIGNED event “The event was awesome and really cool! I have known the promoter for a short while now. The venue is super accommodating and Steam Whistle is a great company because they are so geared towards local artists and showing them support so it’s a good reason to participate. We entered it with a great mind set. They take care of the bands really well. The sound was great and the crowd was great. A lot of people who normally would not come out to see us did so and it was really interesting and a great opportunity to perform in front of a new crowd.”

The fan’s response on the EP released in April -Mesmerized “‘Mesmerized was released via Mike Haliechuk (Fucked up) and Carey Kurtins’ (Belham Music Management/Dine Alone) partnership label One Big Silence. We were really happy about the response. It is always interesting seeing how people take your music and what people hear from it; there is always something I hear that is totally different from what people are telling me, which is so cool. It allows us to understand what people are seeing.”

On the image that their music conveys "I do photography and videography. It is a pretty easy transition for me. A lot of the time my photographs are very hazy and have kind of a textural theme about them and our music is almost a mirror to that, and that is kind of the goal, to keep the balance. It is all pretty much the same expression and the same voice."

Topic of ShoeGaze vs. NuGaze "Nugaze kind of has gotten a backlash in a way because it has a little bit of a negative connotation since it is a direct reproduction of shoegaze. People always want to do something different. Our influences for shoegaze came from many places but we try to make sure that we are our own thing as well. We have a lot of post-punky and electronic influence from the 90’s bands too. It comes through our performance and we try to play fairly loud without losing the dynamics of pop music, which is very hard!"

Rituals Hi Rez

What to expect in 2014 "We are working on an LP for next year. Right now we are working more with electronic programs so you will hear more drum machines and percussions with fast guitars. We are in the writing stage right now and hibernating. It will still be Rituals, but more redefined."

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