Senseless’ was actually pretty sensible. Part of getting older is knowing when the party ends. Once you hit your mid-20s, you can't be filling your existence with never-ending, always escalating acts of debauchery. It gets sad. Plus, you’re supposed to be able to hold down a job and shit. You got the impression right away then that Senseless is the EDM fest for a slightly older crowd. Senseless wasn’t about a spring-breaking effort to engage in amateur hedonism.

Senseless 2016-33

The crowd seemed much more interested in experiencing the actual art of it all — the music, the interactive art installations, the VR testing booths, and the Brickworks themselves, instead of just taking Molly and f*cking each other, which didn't seem to be the priority with this crowd.

Senseless 2016-35

Senseless was a day-party. It doesn't go all weekend. No one is camping out. There's a roof covering all of it. It takes place primarily on the assembly floor of an old brick manufacturing plant (which was awesome). The food was good. I didn't see anyone OD’ing on M and being carried out on a stretcher. So of course it attracted a different crowd than the aforementioned college amateurs. It was like a really cool cousins wedding. For better or worse, things were more subtle. Less messy. More mature. But still plenty of fun. Drinks followed, people danced without inhibition and clothed themselves in a manner which can only be describe as “unabashed self-expression”… or you know, “really sexy”. The music was good in the way EDM is when you’re more involved in what’s going on around you than what’s actually going on on-stage.

Senseless 2016-25

If you were hoping to get enough chemical courage to sweaty-sexy dance in a way you've only seen on the Internet, then Senseless would do ‘ya just fine. It’s worth noting that The Brickworks itself, which I was previously ignorant to, is beautiful. It feels like a location you'd see on The Walking Dead. A decaying manufacturing plant surrounded by lush greenery, but contrasted internally by pulsing neon lights (they don't have that last bit on TWD, obviously).

Senseless 2016-20

Senseless is proof that bigger isn't always better. Better is better. Better location. Better people. Better... well, the music is exactly the same. But it's a more measured amount of fun. More precise. An experience for a Saturday afternoon that isn't intended to f*ck you over for Monday morning. We are excited to revisit this festival next year.

Senseless 2016-26