Songs To Make Love To: Scorpio Season Edition

A column that explores the intersection of love, sex, and music.

By: Jynessa Marczuk


The Scorpion body moves in a way that’s magnetic in its mystique. A mouth that speaks with demanding diction and eyes filled with arduous depth. When your field of vision aligns with that of a Scorpion’s, their gaze possesses yours, penetrating the impenetrable. A brush of their skin against yours, always filled with desirous intent, anticipating your surrender. Even if there isn’t an ounce of Scorpion in your star chart, a kind of Scorpio sensibility emerges in certain moments. The euphoric high that shoots through your veins as you shut the blinds; Your shirt’s being unbuttoned, your pants unzipped, and you’re calculating your next move. The private gratification you get from knowing they’re yours and nobody else’s — even if it’s only in the midst of that moment, until the playlist reaches its end, until the sun eventually rises. A shiver succeeded by a smirk when you think about the things you’ve done, but never thought you’d do.

Welcome to Songs to Make Love To: Scorpio Season Edition. When a Scorpio walks into a room, the sensuality they emanate is infallible — so this month’s playlist is all about channeling that dark and stormy astrological energy between the sheets.

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Waitin’ - Kelela (Kaytranada Remix)

Last month, Kelela dropped Take Me Apart: The Remixes, a re-imagination of her 2017 studio album remixed by various artists and DJs, including this dreamy collaboration with Kaytranada. “Waitin’” is about unresolved feelings between two lovers and how to reconcile with everything left unsaid. It’s about all that still lingers in the room when they meet again. It’s about space and time and desire that refuses to die, an obsession that has yet to go obsolete (much like my obsession with Kelela).

Lost Control - Michael Paradise

This indie pop single from Toronto-based artist, Michael Paradise, makes losing control sound like a breeze. When you and your lover are under the influence of intense Scorpio energy this month, you may find yourselves lost in a maddening cycle of blood, sweat, tears, and hot hot passion. Listening to this track is like hitting the emergency alarm when you need it the most. A playful wake-up call to save you from spiraling down a dark, black hole of vengeance with no return. It’s like coming down from a shroom trip and realizing that even though you just spent the last 5 hours staring at yourself in the mirror in a hysteric frenzy of confusion and existential dread, life really isn’t so complicated after all.

All That Matters - Justin Bieber

While Scorpio energy is undeniably sexual and enigmatic, these qualities should not be mistaken for treacherousness. Because when a Scorpio falls in love, it’s as if the Chamber of Secrets has been opened and once you get past all the darkness and demons, congratulations! You’ve found the entrance to a Scorpio’s heart, which is actually a Chamber of Deep Devotion (if you manage to unlock it). I would imagine a Scorpion kind of love to be a sensory experience similar to the one I encounter every time I watch the music video for “All That Matters” by Justin Bieber.

Show Me How - Men I Trust

Casual sex is fun... until it isn’t. One-night-stands can quickly lose their novelty and the chase often ceases to be thrilling when you realize the pursuit of sloppy, mediocre sex with strangers is actually incredibly tiresome. Alas this day in age, casual is cool and anyone getting any action with a consistent partner is nonchalantly straddling the fence between lovers and friends-with-benefits (FWB). In these nuanced arrangements, casual sex usually demonstrates enormous potential to be mutually satisfying! But once it requires a level of intimacy that obscures our boundaries, we either take flight or plunge forward into the vulnerable world of monogamy. “Show Me How” — a melancholic dream-pop tune by Men I Trust — explores the questions of pleasure and intimacy that are often deemed taboo in FWB situations, but only a Scorpio would be fearless enough to ask them point blank.

High For This - The Weeknd

Couldn’t make a playlist for Scorpio Season without a moody track from The Weeknd’s Trilogy. The chorus is so spooky and so sexy: “Open your hand, take a glass / Don't be scared, I'm right here / Even though, you don't roll / Trust me girl, you wanna be high for this.” *shivers*

Shiver - Kyla Millette

Speaking of shivers, this track from Toronto-based singer songwriter, Kyla Millette, will keep them running up and down your spine. Millette’s vocals have an understated richness that will feed your soul and leave you wanting more.

Who Hurt You? - Daniel Caesar

Just when we thought modern day love songs were dead, Daniel Caesar dropped his debut studio album, Freudian (2017) and blessed us with 10 heart-melting ballads that made even the coldest of hearts skip a beat.  While songs like “Get You” and “We Find Love” were vulnerable and earnest in a teeny-bopper kind of way, Caesar loses his innocence on his latest single, “Who Hurt You?” featuring backup vocals by T-Pain and a heavy-bass beat, 23 year old Caesar is definitely not crooning or crying about his first love anymore — but instead, we hear him performing a hyper-sexual version of himself that wasn’t present on the first record. While his desires come off as more animalistic verging on superficial this time around, I think we all know that Caesar is a hopeless romantic at heart, which makes “Who Hurt You?” the ultimate tease.

Elusive Dream - Young Galaxy

This 2017 release from Montreal-based Young Galaxy sounds like a chilled-out, indie-pop dream. But when you listen a little closer, lead singer, Catherine McCandless not-so-discreetly declares in the opening verse that the entire world is fucked up — and it becomes clear that this song is making a statement on the current socio-political climate and asking the question: how the hell did we get to this point? “Elusive Dream” is not just a resistance anthem, but it’s an undeniably sexy one. If you’ve been feeling sensitive to all of the chaos in the media lately, then it’s the perfect season to seek refuge in the bedroom. Release that pent-up Scorpio energy and internalized socio-political turmoil.  

It’s Okay That It’s Like This - Project Pablo

“It’s Okay That It’s Like This” is an instrumental deep house track off of Project Pablo’s latest LP, Come To Canada You Will Like It (2018). If this moody, introspective track was reincarnated as a perfume, I’d describe it as a musky, intimate scent with erratic high notes and calming base notes. Perfect for you or someone special this Scorpio Season!

Fire & Desire - Drake

If the concept of Scorpio energy is still unclear to you, then I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the album Scorpion by the most infamous Scorpio of them all. Drake is so high-key about being a Scorpio that he somehow managed to trick his millions of friends and fans into thinking they’re October’s very own too. “Fire & Desire” is an emotive R&B slow jam that quietly appeared on his 2016 album, Views.


Jynessa Marczuk is a writer living in a very small studio apartment on Dundas West in Toronto. She currently studies gender theory at the University of Toronto. Right now, she is probably reading and hacking her Juul indoors with Lauryn Hill’s MTV Unplugged 2.0 playing softly in the background.

Lurk her on the World Wide Web via and @jynessam.

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