Interview: Toronto's Soul Nidus


This duo is the most down to earth, laid back, talented guys I have ever met. We were lucky enough to have a sit down with them after listening on a sound check right before their “Desperate to Entertain” show at the Opera House on Queen Street. They delivered a spine tingling, electric performance and after seeing them live I was sold. Truly epic.

You have worked on a bunch of projects in the past. What steps do you have to take in order to get the creative juices flowing?

Ehsan: We are always out and about and we write while life is going on.

Salman: We never schedule it, we never say “let’s get together and write a song” we go with the flow and we chose the sound as it comes and we're open to any sort of instruments and sort of sound. Like right now we’re working with four other musicians so we have a lot of sound.

Talk to me about “Come Back Home”, how did that song come to life?

Ehsan: It was a song we wrote in 2008 for our last album Looking Back Facing Forward and we had a lot of songs for that record.

"Come Back Home" didn’t make the cut because we had other songs that had to be on the record. We call them 'Lonely Sessions', they’re a collection of songs that either didn’t make it to the record or they’re remixs or acoustic versions of our songs that we’ve already released. So , since we didn’t want to keep our friends waiting, we released “Come Back Home” on Lonely Sessions Volume 2.

What has been your most memorable performance?

Ehsan: I think the one in Florence…..

Salman: Yeah, that one definitely. Just maybe because we weren’t expecting such a response from people, as we’ve never even been in that city. We finished the show at 12am and we ended up playing in the street until 4am. So we decided to use some of the footage for a music video for one of our songs, we really wanted to remember that moment.

Ehsan: That one was something else.

What has been your craziest or most interesting experience with a fan, friend? 

Salman: To be honest not a lot, I mean we’ve got some people travelling from our home country Iran to come and see the show, some people from England a 14hr flight just for us. We even have people that have bought tickets but are not in Canada just to support.

** Personal Highlight of the Interview almost shed a tear.**

Ehsan: We are incredibly lucky, and that’s why we call everybody friends because they really are our friends.

Salman: We never consider the people that come to our shows and buy our albums as fans, Eshan and I we really had trouble making friends when we were kids


That is so sweet. What has been your biggest obstacle trying to move forward in this industry?

Ehsan: Well we are really and truly a 100% independent and we have a really good street team that organize everything, everything else is just me and Salmon so I would say time is the biggest obstacle we have. We’re working on that, we're trying to become faster and faster.

Any advice for young talent?

Salman: I would say never do a cover song, don’t play cover songs just to get some attention at the shows, you might have to play 10 or 20 shows for people to start to sing along but they will at some point if you really stick to what you're writing and playing.

If you could collab with any artist dead or alive right now, who would it be?

Ehsan: I’ll be the first to say Coldplay, firstly because they’ve been really kind to us.They posted one of our videos on their website and you know they gave us compliments on our songs so I’d really love to do something with them.


Super talented guys. It was my pleasure! Check out Soul Nidus here .


Don’t Kill Me,

Cee Jay Gi