Interview: Toronto's Stan Simon & The Hotel Bible


  [Had a chance to sit with Stan Simon, lead singer of Stan Simon & The Hotel Bible at a near by Dark Horse a little while ago. The band has come together quite well since it's creation in 2012, consisting of Zach Bines (Weaves), Sebastian Shinwell (The Holy Gasp) and Joseph Organ (Moves), and have been playing live shows across various venues in Toronto ever since. With the mix of American folk, country western, indie and blues, this band requires an acquired taste that many are starting to like. A lot.]


About The Band

"I use to play solo for about a year and a half. I actually toured the east coast during that time with my gal. Once I came back I decided I wanted my live shows to be much better and have more energy. I found really good, like-minded musicians to play with me and it feels amazing to have a band together again. The new material is being reflected clearer with the group mentality. The name The Hotel Bible came afterwards. I didn’t want the band to just be about me and felt that it needed something that encompassed what we were starting to sound like. Stan Simon & The Hotel Bible came to mind, after chatting with a friend, and the name reflected the music."


About Their Album

"Escaping The Madhouse" was a compilation of songs I wrote a year before I started playing . Many of the songs were reflections of how I was feeling and how I wanted to lay it all on the table, not keep it in my head anymore, and "Escaping The Madhouse" speaks to that. I recorded most of it with Dennis Patterson at his studio called Big Smoke Audio, which is a comforting place and he's a great engineer to work with. I used to feel that there is a shortage of studios in the city but these days they are popping up everywhere."

About This Summer

"Candle Recording Studio is also an incredible space. It is not a modern looking studio, which is refreshing. The equipment is modern, but it feels like a comforting cottage somewhere quiet. Good space and good vibes. We've been recording new music at Candle and will be releasing them soon. This summer, we have more music, more shows, and even a photo project in the works. We are trying to set up a tour across Ontario, maybe a few dates in New York, and looking to do a bunch of outdoor events."

Stan Simon and The Hotel Bible have a show on August 30th at The Press Club as part of an aBabe Music showcase. For more information, visit: