STEP TO THE MIC: 7th Annual Canadian Beatbox Championship

Hosted by Scott Jackson @ Lee’s Palace Last Friday was the 7th Annual Canadian Beatbox Championship where talent from across Canada came to battle for the title. It was also November 11th – and you know how we get down in the north, eh?


The show started off with our national anthem followed by a moment of silence. A Canadian flag, hung proudly on stage. Scott Jackson, the 2012 beatbox champ from our hometown, hosted the event:

“It’s so great to see the diversity that Canada brings to beatboxing. I’m so proud of the younger generation that’s helped drive this movement forward. Thank you to everyone who’s made all of this possible and for attending tonight.” -Scott Jackson



Beatboxing, often referred to as the ‘fifth element’ of hip-hop has grown increasingly popular with the help of the internet. This vocal percussion art form finally had a platform to share, unite, and strengthen a niche culture. It's come a long way from the days of Doug E. Fresh...

Beatboxing is an outlet of expression for thousands worldwide. And the best part? They all speak the same language on stage. It makes you realize, just how powerful this art form is. You don’t need words.

Beatbox Canada has amplified this underrated and underground art form and has given these talented musicians / narrators the opportunity to step to the mic.


There were 16 beatboxers competing for the title and every single one of them stepped to the mic with something hot.


Beatboxers had 2 rounds of 90 seconds to blow the judges away and in the finals, 3 rounds of 60 seconds.

It was a close competition, leaving the judges to make some tough calls. But in the end, Heat from Markham, ON was crowned champ after his final performance which he dedicated to the memory of his father who passed just 3 months ago… His family cheering him on the entire night. BBK, the 2x defending champ that came in 4th place that night, rushed to the stage upon announcement that Heat won, and tried to carry him on his shoulders. What a way to pass the torch!

Heartwarming, fire-spitting, HEAT!

Photography by: @ninjatography

You catch yourself sometimes getting blown away with the sound that comes out of just one person.

Notable mention goes to Spectrax for a worthy performance, a gracious 2nd place, and being such a character  AND  Elisii for his control, maturity, and mic drop set in the semi-finals that won him 3rd place.

2nd Place: SPECTRAX

Heat (Markham, ON) vs. Spectrax (Montreal, QC)


3rd Place: ELISII

Elisii (Montreal, WC) vs. BBK (Windsor, ON)


Scratch from The Roots - AKA “The Invisible Ones and Twos”, was the cherry on top and finished the night off with a special performance once the winner was announced.

Most famous for his ways with the mic and songs like “You Got Me” and “Break You Off” , this hip-hop and beatbox legend played a set for us to end the night on a note you couldn’t put your finger on.

Scratch has been a supporter of Beatbox Canada for years and his significance in the game leaves us thankful to have him in any capacity.


What stood out the most to me that night was the mutual respect, encouragement, and genuine friendships you see between contenders. The sportsmanship was unreal despite the battle structure that the competition follows.

I have never seen so many young men come together and compete so maturely and gracefully. The night started with paying respect to our veterans / military and it carried forward with respect for each other.

Happy to have been a part of everything this night stood for.

A big thank you goes to Beatbox Canada, Lee’s Palace, and of course, Scott Jackson for being an upstanding citizen in our favourite city in the world.


7th Annual Canadian Beatbox Championship Lineup:

BBK - Windsor, ON – 2 x Defending Champion Heat – Markham , ON Elisii – Montreal, QC Feng – Vancouver, BC Black – Toronto, ON NIVE – Richmond, BC Jaeger – London, ON Veko – Montreal, QC Spectrax – Montreal, QC Homeboy – Montreal, QC Chris Fernandez – Missisauga, ON Hybrid – Barrie, ON Rubik – Montreal, QC Ethan C – Markham, ON A-pper – Montreal, QC MTO – Vancouver, BC

Judges: Villain (USA) 2016 Great North Champ Pepouni (SWI) Founder Swissbeatbox Kaila Mullady (USA) Female World Champ Gary Goudini (CAN) Beatbox Canada Funkaztek (SWI) 2 x Swiss Champ

All photos are courtesy of: @ninjatography

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