It's The Iscream's 3rd birthday and EVERYONE AND ANYONE IS INVITED.

This ain't the type of party where you dress up and stand by the wall, locking eyes with randoms while n lookin down at your phone as a result of the panic attack that follows social interactions. No. This ain't the type of party where you pretend to look bored n talk shit about the bartenders’ waist line while you bust 2 moves n twist your ankle. No. This ain't the type of party where you religiously stare at the TV screen in the corner, watching a Bruce Lee movie without sound at the bar n wondering why the fuck you left your comfortable house to begin with. No.

We're going to play like...old school JAY Z n then BAAAM SON slap you in yo face with some JACK Ü. Then we're going to have you grinding up on the sweaty walls with some vintage R.Kelly n before you know it you got your partner in a chokehold cause Destructo is playin and you wildin out.

Shit’s about to get weird. Namste.

Ps. No live performances for this time around.

Music by: DJ ITUBZ

We Aint Trippinfb