Interview: Toronto's THE FIFTHS


The small city of North Battleford, Saskatchewan is home to Canada's highest crime rate. It also birthed these gems:

Together, they are The Fifths. A two-man rock and roll band living in downtown Toronto - making the old new again. Twenty years of friendship has made these gentlemen musically in sync. You can hear the chemistry in the music and see it on stage when they perform. Their talents and skills are complimentary and together, they are a deadly combination. Despite the challenges of having less bodies on stage and in the studio, they will remain a duo: "You can't sit with us".


Arun plays the drums. Really hard. He is always breaking equipment. But he makes a big bang and people like that. Andrew is on guitar - which is essentially an extension of his hands - and vocals. He occasionally forgets the words and when he does, it doesn't matter because IT ALL JUST SOUNDS SO GOOD. They put their rock faces on, Arun's dreads fly everywhere, and then... magic.

Take a listen...

These Saskatchewanians are as humble and real as it gets:

"We have a rule where if we're doing something and it ceases to be fun, we shift gears"-Andrew

"Our songs should come out organically and naturally... it keeps a level of honesty."-Arun

In 2012, The Fifths put together a 5 track EP called "Hot Denim". Rawlco Radio in the Prairies of Western Canada confirmed that it was indeed hot and awarded the band $10,000 as part of their 10K20 competition. In 2013, The Fifths released their second EP "Scoundrels" and went on a Western Canadian Tour. Their third EP is a work in progress and should be done in time for the Summer of 2014 - TOUR TIME!

On that note, let's rock and roll baby. Upcoming Events: The Fifths will be headlining a show at Lee's Palace on Friday February 7th @ 9 PM.

Can't put me in a box. Nizer