The Fifths Release Deadly Gitch Bro - 5 Songs in 5 Days

Toronto based powerhouse duo The Fifths have partially released their digital album Deadly Gitch Bro by releasing one song a day for 5 days. And we are waiting patiently for the 2 songs left.

February Sucks was the name of the song they released on Valentine's Day. A better name could not have been given. It was what felt like the coldest day in Canada, like ever. But these tracks will save your frigid soul. They should have called this album Vitamin D. Because so far, they have taken us to the poolside of a house party in the middle of July. Over me took us to an outdoor concert on a hot day in L.A. where the sun is beaming and your sweat is glistening. City Love took us to the Manhattan Bridge Skatepark in New York on a humid evening in August, and yes, you have sweat stains. These tracks have taken us anywhere but here, the cold relentless ice cube that is Toronto.


We're not talking about the Ultimate R&B Pool Party Playlist on Songza by the way. We are talking strictly about Rock n' Roll. Yeah. Rock n' Roll. No it's not dead. It's very much alive. So alive. And honestly, one of the few, pure, genres of music left that does not worship twerking.

The Fifths deliver love, anger, rage, and an absolute through this polished collection of tracks so far. GIVE US MORE!

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