Interview: Toronto's The Grant Brotherz


Three guys could come together and create a sound as smooth as Fuji water in Toronto. Oh and they are brothers? I am not talking about brothers as in ‘Brothas’, I legit mean brothers. Dylan, Duran, and Brandon were born and raised in Toronto and never really thought about trying the music thing till about two years ago. And good thing! This Hip hop & R&B package has everything that a music lover needs and then some, and if they keep it up, they can go a long, long way.

About the brotherhood dynamic

"Everyone does their own thing and then we come together and we add on to what we are doing next.  Dylan does the beats, Brandon is the vocals and I (Duran) am the rapper .We use to get into fights and stuff but we don’t anymore."

Old school feel to the music

"Basically the reason we chose the old school vibe is that we use to listen to a lot of Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Bob Marley…etc. We kind of combined all the sounds together to create an old school vibe. We listen to the new school vibe but we migrate between both.  Also, our parents did a lot of singing back in church too.  With our newer releases, we are moving more towards the new school vibe."

On the Toronto Music scene as a set of fresh eyes

"Every since drake came on to the scene, Toronto kind of exploded a little bit more. Us, as three brothers, can make a new trend. We are trying to bring something new to the table. No one has really seen three brothers come into the game and we are trying to show something different to the fans."

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