Interview: Toronto's The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores


[Myself and the gang visited Toronto's OBGM before their show last week at the Silver Dollar to get a feel for what's up and what's happening with the post-punk era band. Needless to say, the interview went a lot longer than anticipated and was filled with laughter, drinks, and heated debates. I wish I could include literally all conversation with the band in this article, but we would be here for DAYS, so here is the jist of what went down with OBGM.]

About working with 88 Days of Forune and their lastest release  'Beat up kids' Denz- "They have been down with us for years and are a collection of Toronto artists who are striving to do a little bit better and they were one of the first people to come to our shows period. So it was an honor working with them and to put our tracks on something that we can work on as a team."


About Pharrell Williams' i am OTHER and 'Racial stereotypes' Cola- "Playing music is universal but I have experienced problems where I am at clubs ready to get on stage and kids coming up to me and asking me if I sell drugs. One time a girl came up and asked us if we play rap when we were setting up on stage...I was It threw me off because we are in Toronto not Mississippi , but now that we are more 'out there' and well known, I believe we are breaking some boundaries. You just gotta keep growing." Joe- "The white bassist adds lol.... every time I play anything remotely funky... everybody just stops their instrument and just stares at's definitely frowned upon lol." Denz- "When I was learning the guitar I didn't necessarily want to be in a punk band because I didn't see a lot of black people doing it . I just wanted to be like Prince, cause Prince got all the ladies. And I wish that was a joke. But being able to break the mold in what we see in music is something that can inspire a lot of people and that's something that we encounter everyday. We use to get booked exclusively hip hop shows and be that random act at the end, but now the response is much greater."

Jem- "It's great to be in a band that is very unconventional and turn heads, it's very different."1000449_10151843153998673_668471307_n

About the Steam Whistle UNSIGNED event Joe- "The sound was perfect and the service and the staff was absolutely amazing. We had sandwiches from Banh Mi Boys and four cases of two fours. I bartend and serve their beers regularity and have been promoting it even further after the event. Not Joking."

Denz- "When I am sitting down, reading the latest newspaper... I have a nice cold refreshing Steam Whistle, as I grab a hold of Cola's girl.." Cola - "That's not true BUT when I am with Denz's mom..."

About ROB FORD Denz- "Realistically, politicians are suppose to be anti-drugs and political ideals, this man admitted to smoking's not like he's Whitney Houston and people aren't asking for receipts...he admitted to smoking you know what people are willing to do for crack!!??" Jem- "One of our songs may actually be called ROB FORD." Joe- "Is this real life? It doesn't seem like it's real, I feel like I am dreaming in a way. Is this Gotham city?

What to expect in 2014 Cola - "There will be videos, there will be EPs and the songs that we have released so far have been HEAVILY received. We are recording at the Dream House. A lot of major players are going through those doors."

Joe- "All things considered, 2014 should be our year."