Interview: Toronto's Thugli


[Kyla and Nizer had the chance to sit with Thugli last week to talk about some trouble. This dynamic duo of music lovers has been DJing for half their lives, and will be performing at Manifesto in Toronto next week.] Meet Thugli. Press play below and get acquainted.

The name itself is described by Tom Wrecks and Drastik as a "play on words" with a "double meaning". Thugli's sound is versatile so it appeals to the ears. It can start off light with a house jam (like smiles) and then shortly after, some gangster rap will follow (like mean mug). Hard and soft, light and dark, mellow and upbeat. A tennis-match-like ability on the 1's and 2's and the ball is always in Thugli's court.

For the past year, these two DJs have had quite the exclusive opportunity.  “Redbull Campus Tour” Sponsored by…well...Redbull, has been rather the experience. Travelling across Canada to University and College campuses on an “old 1970s Greyhound bus” that transformes into a unique one of a kind travelling stage. They basicly travel on a Musictron. Get it? Musictron..hehe.

The bus, a 45-foot long tricked-out vintage GM transit bus that unfolds into a 17-by-15-foot soundstage (complete with sound equipment and green room) in 30 minutes, has travelled all over the country this year.  Some would think of this as sweet as the ‘Almost Famous tour’. And who could ask for a better fit then to put Thugli on this tour bus.  You can basically “pull up anywhere, open up the bus, and start a party” stated Tom when explaining the experience to us.  They have been given an opportunity to basically hang out with their friends Keys N Krates and others during the Redbull Campus tour while performing their music across the country.

"Over the last couple of years, I totally see that change. People want to rage now and no one is too cool for school. They just want to party and have fun. They’re more accepting of different music now too.”–Drastik

“Toronto is the leading city in music right now and culture in general…I think people have been appreciative of what we’ve been doing since day one… we didn’t have to convince anyone.” –Tom Wrecks

We all know DJs are 'about that life' and knowing these two friends have known each other from their young skateboarding days made us wonder through the interview just exactly how much trouble did they get into ?

Nisreen: What is the worst trouble the two of you have gotten into as a duo?

It’s funny, what we would do would go to the Ottawa U Parking Garages and steal their benches for skateboarding.  We would throw the benches off the roof of the building, hoping we could run down grab them and take them home.  As we were about to huck one off, and as we did, it made a loud bang and we were caught by security.  We were banned from Ottawa University and had to take the bus home after being caught.

Nisreen: Wait, so you didn’t go to Ottawa U?

No, no, no... I was applying to Ottawa U the following year and was super scared that I wouldn’t get in because of this. Recently, within the last year we played a show in the building that coincidently we threw the benches off of.

For DJ's Tom Wrecks and Drastik, conquering the DJ battles and accomplishing what they had as individuals were notions of the past.  They were looking for something new, and collaborating to form Thugli couldn’t have been a better opportunity for this charismatic duo to do so. It wasn’t until these two lifelong friends produced their own music that they realize they were coming into their own.  It dawned on them like the perfect sunset. Ultimately, “falling into the right place at the right time” couldn’t have given Thugli a better chance to make their aggressive trap music fit their sets.  In the past, any kind of song that they played always had a part of a trap feel to it. So nothing would change really, except the addition of original beats. On a bus or a plane, Tom Wrecks and Drastik make the perfect tag team. They are parallels and their skills are unparalleled.

Make sure you check them out for yourself. Thugli will be spinning at the Drake Underground on Friday September 27th for the 3 year anniversary of ITZSOWEEZEE.

We out, Nizer & Kyla