Toronto Artist Tai Wo and His Single 'Just Breathe'


Tai Wo's latest single accomplishes something few young artists are able to do well. Coming quickly off the heels of his first album "Black Rose", Tai's new track is an exciting signal of things to come. With Just Breathe, he combines a party track full of relentless head nodding flavor with the depth of positive and thoughtful lyrics. From the first bar, a high energy percussion sets the stage for a good time, balanced with a smooth baseline and the sensual "oooooos" and "ahhhhhs" of Andrea Nicole's vocal textures. However it's Tai's lyrics that make the song something special. They're a combination of fun celebratory vacation vibes and nuanced observations of life's difficulties.

Taken at face value, the single is a solid offering from the up and coming Richmond VA based artist. Tai's thoughtful nature makes him something unique. The hook, "Just breathe / then move" appears to have a double meaning. The most obvious is an invitation to put your worries aside and dance. After a few listens you start to get the sense that Tai is proposing a grander philosophy on life: to focus your energy and move more positively through life - continuing to progress, continuing to strive.

"It definitely [came from] my own experiences, I am someone who sometimes will think on past actions and at the same time be anxious for the result of future responses. So I had to find a zen for myself, which I'm still working on daily. Everyday has its own ups and downs you know, so I 'just breathe, then move'. I think that Torontonians will benefit from this single, specifically because they venerate those individuals who take control of their flaws and provide a sense of leadership in discovering how to apply it to their own values. So they too can define success there own way. I decided to do the song, because so many people take the breath of life for granted. The only time we really wish we could breathe easily is when our nose is stuffy. So in relation to life, anything that worries our world should be released with a breath, followed by a statement of control."

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