Toronto Musician Gaiaisi Releases Siren Song Warning of a “Planetary Emergency”


[Press Release]467837_10150613093786582_1570431300_o Five major environmental groups have joined together with Canadian musician Gaiaisi to release a music video aiming to raise awareness on the climate crisis with an overwhelming collage of imagery delving into the complex causes, as well as solutions to what the artist refers to as a "global meltdown.” The song 'Change The Earth', which has already been viewed more than 40,000 times in the first three weeks since its release, is the result of an unprecedented level of cooperation between major environmental groups including, Al Gore’s “Climate Reality,” Greenpeace, the Rainforest Action Network and the WWF:

While the song entices listeners with a soothing introduction, the video quickly becomes a dramatic global tour that encapsulates everything from the devastation caused by wildfires and deforestation, to the huge footprint of human agriculture, species’ extinction, to the myriad of flames large and small burning within our fossil-fuelled economy. Far from leaving audiences in despair however, the video also captures the determined struggles of activists from every continent fighting for emergency action on the climate crisis and for the protection of the Earth’s last remaining pieces of virgin wilderness. Solutions to the eco-crisis, including sustainable transportation, permaculture and renewable energy are also profiled with the intent of directing audiences straight through to the myriad of actions that can help avert runaway global warming, and with it the mass extinction of most of life as we know it on Earth.

With global temperatures shattering records throughout 2012 and 2013, potent methane gasses beginning to erupt from the melting Arctic Ocean, and an increasing number of water shortages, crop failures and extreme weather events being attributed to the de-stabilizing climate, scientists around the world are sounding the alarm that global warming may soon reach uncontrollable levels where various “feedback loops” come in to play and multiply the human-induced warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions to a level that in geological history has meant the mass extinction of most of life on land and in the oceans. With attempts at international treaties all but frozen, and a strong streak of climate science denial still raging in North America, Greenpeace and the other NGO’s are hoping to use this music video to break through public apathy and pessimism, particularly amongst youth, to galvanize action on the issue.