How these white rappers use the 'N' word


Okay I know this is a touchy topic for some, but I’m going to try my best to be as politically correct as I can. I want to address something that I wouldn't call an issue but more of a growing concern of mine which is: the use of the “n” word by non-African American artists. Now the argument of 'should a word that was once used as a slur towards slaves be used today at all' is off the table. The case I’m troubled about is its use in the game by those that do not define themselves as ‘black’ or ‘African American’.

One example would be an up and coming artist named Honey Cocaine. The Toronto born rapper earned her title as the Queen ‘B’ of Toronto’s hip-hop scene after signing to Tyga’s label Last Kings, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with. However does that justify her use of the ‘n’ word that is uttered so loosely in her music?

"Hot Gal", a track released on her YouTube channel in early April, is one of her many singles released that captures Honey’s lack of restrain when using my favorite word.

“All my niggas boxed, I don't kiss these hoes… Lil nigga you ain't shit, you ain't with what I'm with… lil nigga I'm the choice, all my chips gonna do it"

Lines that stuck out to me. In my opinion the word is unnecessary and lacks justification. But then that begs the question; in what circumstances can the use of that word be justified? It’s moments like these I look to accomplished Caucasian rappers such as Eminem as torchbearers. In that he is proof a successful rap career is attainable without the use of that word. With the exception of a mix tape he did back in the early 90’s, he agreed that the word was to be used at the discretion of those politically permitted to use it.Iggy Azalea, the Australian born Caucasian rapper has risen to near hip-hop fame excluding that word form her vocabulary. To make my direction clear, I don’t commend the use of that word by anyone black or white, nor do I condemn those that chose to use is despite its origin and meaning. I do however hope to spark an awakening of what is really being said and how and who is saying it. Regardless of who is saying it.

Yours truly doe,

Cee Jay Gi