Interview: Toronto's When Earth Sleeps


Starting off as a solo project in 2005 and slowly turning into an alternative rock band, When Earth Sleeps should be on your list of  bands to watch out for this year. With Alex MacPherson on vocals, Alex Smith on bass, Mike McArthur as lead guitarist,& Dave McArthur on drums , their official album is about to be release on our thirsty souls. I sat down with Alex MacPherson to talk about the newest release.

About their newest album Ghost of Autumn

"The new album is almost completely written and recording will begin in the next few weeks. I feel confident that it's the best material I've written to date. Since the release of the last album in 2012, there was a great deal of loss in-and-around my family. People, relationships, dogs...2013 was a bummer. The album expresses a lot of these elements. There's an undertone of hope however...I mean, now in 2014 I've come to a really great place with everything...So all in all the album explores some dark concepts, but comes back and ends in the light. We're hoping to have it pressed and released by summer. "

About the name of the band

"When I was doing my writing, I was such a night hawk, staying up till 4 am writing song after song. So that is how I came up with the band's name. I think that we have a great energy and stage presence all the while keeping it natural. Just like there can be bad actors on TV, there can be bad actors in bands as well. It is my hope that we come across as genuine onstage - really getting into our music. I'd also hope that we stand out lyrically being melodically catchy."

Confusion with Wintersleeps + Toronto Shows

"Wintersleeps, we always get confused with them cause they are an established Canadian band and people are always asking are you 'Wintersleeps'? we are like no.....When Earth sleeps. I have had my grandmother call and be like " I heard you on the radio!" and I was like no grandma lol. We have been playing a lot of shows in Toronto, from Horseshoe Tavern to Lee's Palace, but are very new to the Toronto music scene. But once you get your foot in the scene, you start to be asked to come back more and more to the venues."

Check out When Earth Sleeps on their website and their Facebook page for the latest news and upcoming shows!