Interview: Toronto Music - Hana


How many times do you need to be told that you have the ability to do something great with your passion? For Hana Bajric, seemingly twice. This Yugoslavia born singer-songwriter, now living in Mississauga, realized through life that whatever she was doing, something was missing and that something was music. Before showing her music to the public eye, Hana spent her time teaching French and music therapy until she found herself at Metalworks (Mississauga) looking for a position. While trying to find her path with the help of one of the professors, she played a bit of her music and the resulting outcome was of much approval.  This gave Hana the confidence to share her music with her now manager, Zlad Dujsic (Kultured), who was shocked to hear what she had showed him, stating, “ I can’t believe you have been hiding this!”.

After constantly writing, Hana picked up a guitar and started creating melodies to her lyrics through influences like Feist, and Leonard Cohen and has a strong interest to do a half French, half English song with the likes of Ariane Moffatt.

This incredibly bubbly and extremely personable singer-songwriter holds much importance to direct artist to fan communications. Hana says it’s “incredibly important” and adds “it feels more like I’m gaining a friend then a fan, when they can connect with lyrics that are so personal to me, its amazing’.

Hana is currently working on the arrangements for her first album and more performance experiences. You can find Hana on September 6th, playing at the Placebo Space in Toronto on Lakeshore Blvd. I have had the pleasure of hearing her music and her ideas for upcoming tracks and for an artist to catch my ear as Hana did, I couldn’t be more excited to hear what’s next.

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By: Kyle Potter