Ziyaad Luceō Releases 'For You'

Toronto based R&B artist and creator of Outlier Entertainment Ziyaad Luceō releases 'For You'


"My inspiration for my track came for my love for my family, friends and especially my fans who have supported me since I started making music. I don't tend to release music as frequently as other others so I trying to tell them that I have something in store for them soon, just be patient. I decided to release this particular song because it was an great interlude to where my vision is going musically. It's short and sweet and keeps me relevant in a fast pace music industry. Also I released it just to let me supporters know that I got something in process for them. Emotionally I'm deeply connected to this song because originally I made it for my muse, and then it bloomed into something more." 

For more information, visit: www.outlierentertainment.ca