Zneud's Official Launch on July 28th with House of Music’s 5th MicToss and After Party

On Sunday, July 28th, Toronto’s newest music society, Zneud House of Music is hosting their 5th MicToss and After Party to celebrate their official launch! MicToss is an event that provides an opportunity for vocalists, rappers, and music collaborators to showcase their talent in a high-energy and supportive setting. Following the MicToss, the After Party will conclude with special guest performances.

Zneud, pronounced “nu-de”, is a music society based in Toronto that supports local artists with vocal coaching, music mentorship, and vocal production. Our mission is to help artists learn to express their creative individuality, develop their potential, and share the rarity of their sound in its purest, rawest form.

When we created Zneud, we remembered what it felt like to be new artists introducing your gift to the world. We understand that they feel vulnerable and we want to help them develop their true selves and share it with the world.
— Danah Martin, Zneud, Co-founder.
Del Mahabadi