Robyn Bell at The Iscream

robyn Bell

Music Journalist

Robyn is the resident music journalist at the Iscream, lending her voice to reviews, event coverage and interviews. She dabbles in photography, creating visual content for the site and social accounts. When she’s not writing about or listening to music, she’s geeking out over fashion, comedy specials and true crime docs.

Favourite song: Big Time Sensuality by Bjork

Gregory Charles at The Iscream

gregory charles

Creative Operations Manager

Gregory is responsible for facilitating the development and review of all digital content for the site. He's oversees the flow of information and assets to and from the creative team, and monitors adherence to brand standards and creative deadlines. His passions lie within basketball, design, and art. He is also the creator behind Dear Self.

Favourite song of all time: Twins - Fat Joe & Big Pun

Colin Vlasak at The Iscream

Colin Vlasak

Resident DJ

Toronto R&B Sounds resident DJ classyvlassy (Colin Vlasak) has a long history with The ISCREAM. He got his start in 2013 writing a few guest posts before going on to start FUXWITHIT. With over 20+ years as a die-hard hip-hop fan, his love and commitment to the genre is unwavering. That hasn’t stopped him from having a longstanding affair with electronic music and always retaining a soft-spot for R&B. Whether it’s writing or DJing, his passion above all else is sharing incredible music with the world. Catch him behind the decks playing throwback classics, the hottest new bangers and some under-the-radar remixes you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Favourite song of all time: Jay-Z - Feelin' It

Del Mahabadi at The Iscream

del mahabadi

Creator, Managing Editor

Del plays a critical role in steering and guiding the strategic direction of the company. She is responsible for the growth and culture of the publication, ensuring that no matter the circumstance, it stays true and transparent to its’ readers and the Canadian music scene.
”When it comes to healthcare, there are Doctors, Nurses, and Musicians.”

Favourite song of all time: João Gilberto - ‘S Wondreful