Hip hop is an ever-changing genre that has the power to bring communities together. But hip hop is divisive, now more than ever. Old vs new, traditional vs alternative, lyrics vs bounce, progressive vs regressive, inclusive vs exclusive, voice of the people vs voice of the label.

However, there are artists out there that find the sweet spot. Artists that understand the climate of their environments and want to make waves through their lyrics. Artists whose intention is connection, rather than fame and fortune. These are the storytellers of our communities, with strong technical abilities that place emphasis on lyricism.

Toronto Hip Hop Sounds is a safe, inclusive space that provides a platform for these rising hip hop artists in the city.

Showcase slots are to 20-30 minutes long, and are open to hip hop artists only. Artists will be performing to the backing tracks of their songs. No bands, no TVs, no clutter, just you, a mic and the crowd. This event series is very intimate, which provides ample opportunity for making serious eye contact with the crowd. 

Please complete the application below to be considered for Toronto Hip Hop Sounds concert series in fall 2019.

*We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those selected will be contacted.*

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*We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those selected will be contacted.*